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Pix On Wheels Gets Loose

Waiting For Something That's Better

Aptly Named, Pixxi
9 July
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What Makes You.. by SheBangs12
Your name?
Your gender?
What makes you sexy?Everything
What makes you pretty?Your style
What makes you loveable?How fun you are
What makes you fun?Your ability to keep smiling
What makes you irresistable?Your kiss
What makes you cute?Your clothes
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Tell Me About Your Sex Life? by electronicoffee
Favorite Postionyour legs spread for them
Secret Fetishheavy domination [give]
Age of Lost Virginity13
Bedroom Talentyour cock / tits are huge
Flavor Of Lubricantblueberry
Kinkiest Place To Do Itbackstage at a concert
Who Was Your Firstsomeone you liked from afar
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Love by ruby mae
Your name
Your partner
You two areOne
Your meeting was byChoice
They are yourSweetheart
You are theirSweetheart
Your love willBe the epitome of what true love is
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80s music, airline peanuts, aldous huxley, annoying my cat, apnea, asphyxiation, ayn rand, bdsm, beatniks, being scratched, being taken, ben burnley, berlioz, big mother truckers, black hair, bound to chairs, breaking benjamin, cameras, candles, charles bukowski, chicks with glasses, christopher marlowe, constriction, cool world, corsetry, cowboy bebop, daffy duck, dominique roarke, double cheese burgers, douglas adams, drag queens, dream interpretation, ear piercings, edgar allen poe, elvis costello, eowyn of rohan, erotica, exacto knives, faghags, faramir, father ted, female form, fetish models, fire, fishnets, fisting, floggers, foamey, foreigner, fuck me boots, gags, george orwell, glbt, gonads and strife, good beer, good ol' classic rock, guitars, hair pulling, hentai, hooray for boobies, horse bits, hot comic book heroines, hot wax, hunter thompson, iris murdoch, kenna, king crimson, knives, loki, long hair, lust, marquis de sade, masturbation, midori, mixophilia, mrnorth, muff diving, mummification, mythology, naked jai-alai, naughty comic books, needle play, nipple piercings, noise complaints, not-so-innocent school girls, obscene genital piercings, oral play, orange hoodies, pain, perverting the younger generation, photography, pink floyd, pink pussy lips, plaid boxers, play piercings, play-rape, pony play, poppy brite, porsche lynn, princess di, pure gonzo journalism, pursuing the american dream, red lips, rednecks, reese roper, revis, rick james, rosalind russell, saki, salvador dali, sarcastic comments, scarlett johansson, scarlett o'hara, see-through pants, serial killers, sewn mouths, sex on wheels, sherwood anderson, small dicks, smelly flatulents, stephen king, strippers, subby bitches, sushi, tall shoes, tattoos, tchaikovsky, the tyger, thigh highs, thongs, tng, tongues, use soap, vampire erotica, vintage, wagner, whips, william blake, wine, world of warcraft